The library is a treasure trove of science

The main thing that characterizes the hearth of science and education is books, which are a valuable source of knowledge. Therefore, the main foundation of the scientific and educational center is also concentrated in libraries. The history of the library of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture begins with its opening. The location of the library along with the classrooms is one of the main conveniences in accessing the necessary resources. In the library's shared reading room, students can access information about the books they need, use computers and electronic copies of publications, the internal network created at the institute, and the Internet. In the periodicals section of the library, press releases are made available to readers with news. 
By getting acquainted with the publications of different periods of history, readers enrich their understanding of the development and content of the national publishing industry. Of the 26 computers in the library's main hall, 4 are connected to the Internet and 22 are connected to an internal network. In total, our library has the capacity to serve 81 people at a time. Work is underway to create an electronic copy of the publications in order to further expand the scope of the library. An average of 6–10 e-books are prepared per month. A special 3x1 printer is used for this. To date, 562 books have been downloaded on the TSIC portal. The total number of books in the library fund of the Institute is 49,018. At present, cooperation with the State Library of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan is underway on the Library Intermediate Subscription. The electronic catalog of the library provides the convenience of serving readers.
Having a library in the dormitory allows students to use the books they need at any time of the day, just like at home. In the dormitory itself, young students gather and discuss the necessary resources for research and engage in research. The work of improving the scientific knowledge is constantly going on. The library plays an important role in the life of the institute in improving the efficiency of research and preparation for daily lessons.
Library staff are actively involved in the promotion of newly published books. The main goal of the library staff is to strengthen the position of the institute's teachers and students as a support center for their research.

Gulbahar Durdiyeva, library director



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