Sport is the source of healthy life

As a result of the wise and prudent social policy of our Hero Arkadag in the prosperous epoch of powerful state, the main feature of the magnificent buildings built and put into operation in our country is the opportunities created for them to play sports. The sports center of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, located in the beautiful part of the marvelous capital, is a vivid example of this. The sports center has all the facilities for students and faculty members to play sports in the volleyball, basketball, training, wrestling halls. This is the main reason why sports competitions of various levels are held within the institute. At the Universiade among the universities of the country in 2020, football competitions were held at our institute. The team of the institute won the III place. In the same year, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the team of the institute took the II place in the competition among higher education institutions of the country.
Various sports events are organized on the big sports ground for the festivities. In our country, a number of specialists, such as Dovlet Ashirov, a candidate for handball in the sport, make a significant contribution to cultivating a love for sports. In 2012, our national team took the third place among the national sports teams of the Asian Games in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and coach Dovlet Ashirov also performed in the same team.

Begmyrat Balakaev,
Head of the Institute's Sports Club



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