Faculty of Theater Arts

Faculty of Theater Arts of Turkmen State Institute of Culture was created in 1992 with establishment of the institute. Since that year, institute has prepared a number of artists who are currently working in various fields of culture. There are a total of three departments in Faculty of Theater Arts
- Direction
- Actor’s professionalism and scene language
- Film and TV and Radio Arts.
At the Faculty of Theater Arts, masters such as National Artists of Turkmenistan, Honored Artists of Turkmenistan, winners of “”Golden Age of Turkmenistan” competition of President of Turkmenistan are teaches students. Experts can hold relevant positions in theaters, cinematography, provincial cultural centers, folk theaters, state circuses, art schools and several other cultural centers of country. To train well-educated professionals, preachers, presenters, TV presenters, TV film operators, sound directors, and lighting specialists who are worthy of work on all TV channels available in Turkmenistan is responsibility of Faculty of Theater of arts. 


“Film and TV and Radio Arts” (opened on 2004)
1. Television (Operations and installation directorship)
2. Television (Organization and conduct of TV and radio broadcasts)
3. Television (Television Direction) 

“Actor’s professionalism and scene language” (opened on 1995)
1. Acting Arts (Drama and Film Art)
2. Drama directing
3. Dramaturgy 

“Directing and theatrical studies” (opened on 1995)

1. Sound directing 
2. Circus art 
3. Lighting technology 



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