New ways of cooperation


Developing international cooperation is one of the safest areas on the road to innovation. The main purpose of international cooperation is also based on the implementation of best practices. A number of such meetings were held at our institute in June. As part of Erasmus +'s forthcoming work, Deggendorf Technical University has submitted a proposal to the Turkmen State University to establish cooperation between higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations in order to promote tourism in Central Asian countries.
They received information about our institute through the institute's website, and then representatives of the two sides decided to hold a virtual meeting in consultation. Thus, on June 1, 2021, the first meeting was held in order to develop international relations in the field of education.
The meeting was attended by representatives of Deggendorf Technical University of the Federal Republic of Germany W. Nikitin and Yu. Svelik, from turkmen side the head of the Information Systems department of the institute, O. Gojayeva, the head of the department of Tourism Business, the candidate of philosophical sciences O. Annamyradova, the head of the department of Hotel Business P. Pirguliev. The main work of the meeting began with the parties providing general information about their universities. They expressed their views on how future cooperation should be organized. The tasks arising from the implementation of the project were discussed. The project is expected to involve two universities and two non-governmental organizations from each of the Central Asian states. Accordingly, the International University of Humanities and Development, the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan was invited to participate in the project. Their representatives attended their second meeting on June 9, 2021, as part of this partnership. In the process, issues of future cooperation were reflected.

Ogulsona Gojayeva, Head of the Information Systems Department




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