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The meeting was held at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture under the joint project of the Secretariat of the National Team of Turkmenistan for UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and this university entitled "Turkmenistan-UNESCO-Roads from the Land".
Today's new works of art, unique architectural culture, the continuity of traditions, the fame of the historical figures of Turkmenistan, the heroism of the brave sons and daughters, the unique products of the people, literature, language and common culture. In our country, phased work is being carried out to spread the valuable achievements of our people to the world, to study it scientifically. Under the wise leadership of our scientist Arkadag, the rich creative culture and art of our people are included in the list of the most valuable examples of the world. In this regard, the work of our Independent Neutral Motherland with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has reached new heights. Thanks to the creative initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Turkmen folk epic "Gorogly", chess song and dance, national carpet weaving art have been added to the list of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage. In our country, special attention is paid to the initiatives of propagating the scope and significance of these works among the youth, attracting generations who are eager to study our cultural heritage in depth. Recently, a meeting organized by the Secretariat of the National Team of Turkmenistan for UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen State Institute of Culture was held within the framework of the project "Turkmenistan - UNESCO - Roads from the Land". 
The meeting, which took place in the conference hall of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, covered a wide range of programs on international cooperation, cultural diplomacy, the study of the ancient history, material and spiritual culture and traditions of our brave ancestors. Introductory images based on the capabilities of the digital system, scientific data have further enriched the content of the speeches. During the meeting, Secretary of the UNESCO National Team, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Chynar Rustemova, Senior Specialist, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the National Directorate for the Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Turkmenistan, Akmyrat Babayev, Head of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, Gozel Magtymgulyeva, they exchanged views on the history of our country's international cooperation, the work and tasks of international organizations, the historical monuments of our country and their study, the importance of the life of cultural traditions with the students of culture studies, archeology, cultural values restoration, organization and conduct of television and radio broadcasts, television directing, cinematography and montage directing.
In particular, influential views were expressed on the study, protection and preservation of the national identity and rich cultural achievements of our people at the level of the value of all mankind, the history of national art, the ways of its creation along with its social significance, the traditions of their generation.
The months rotate and the cycles return. Life results from small daily activities. Charity arises from small deeds. Under the leadership of our esteemed President, our glorious history is being celebrated, the prestige of our nation and our country is being raised.
The conference, which is dedicated to the study, preservation and continuation of our cultural heritage, fully demonstrates the spiritual value of the initiatives and the importance of expanding the spiritual vision of generations.

Sahragul Janmammedova,
Senior Lecturer of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, Candidate of Arts



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